Termite Eradications

I've found termites! How do I get rid of them?

The natural tendency is to spray them with fly spray, why does every pest controller say not to?

The answer lies in the way that termites behave, the termites in your home is just a small amount of termites that are part of a larger family. There may be a thousands of termites in your home, but the colony could easily be over a million strong! Killing the few in your walls won't get rid of the whole colony.

That's why you need a specialist to carefully eradicate, not just a few termites but the whole nest! 


How do you eradicate a whole termite nest then?

A variety of methods are used, depending on the type of termite and location of the nest. There's no silver bullet and it's not always a simple, quick process. We aim for 100% colony eradication. 

Here's how we do it:

Direct termite nest eradication

We inspect for termite nests during our termite inspections, if one is located then the most effective way of eliminating the termites is to eradicate the nest directly. This can be done in a variety of ways, either by physical destruction if possible, or by injecting a liquid, foam or dust termiticide that will ensure that the whole termite colony dies off. The method chosen to carry this out varies on size, location and species of termite. Each treatment is tailored to the nest.

 We're not kidding, this termite nest was eradicated!

We're not kidding, this termite nest was eradicated!

Remote Nest Eradication through Baiting

If a termite colony is eradicating a home and there is no sign of the colony, which is a common occurrence. Then often it's best to eradicate the colony by feeding the termites in the home a bait that they take back to the nest and effectively kills off the whole colony. This takes care and time, it's imperative to feed

Remote termite nest eradication

A termite nest may be visible, but access to it may be limited due to height or other restrictions. Knowing the location of the nest is still a great asset as the health of the nest, or lack thereof, can be monitored remotely. In this instance we will use a method of eradication that will be most effective in eliminating the colony completely. 


Remote termite nest eradicating through dusting or foaming