The Termite Trackers are not just another pest control company.

We specialise in termites!

Our Story

The Termite Trackers have always specialised in termites and have done every type of termite treatment and control, from Physical barriers, chemical barriers, reticulation systems and baiting systems. As a result we have personally treated well over 1,000 homes! Phew!

We specialise in Termites and timber pests and are dedicated to bringing the best and widest variety of termite control options!

Over the years there is one thing we have noticed about termite treatments, many homes are not protected properly, but that's not the worst part. Unfortunately many homeowners just aren't informed enough regarding termites, termite management systems and what they can do to minimise the risk of termites in their home.

It's our aim not only to provide you with the best possible specialised Termite control, but to keep you informed. Feel free to email or call to ask questions, and don't forget to tap into lots of free advice on our blog.

Some of the many pre construction treatments completed over the years!


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The Termite Trackers recommends that all termite work should be done in accord with Australian Standard AS3660. Any claims or free service periods for our clients are clearly written and are agreed to in a written proposal between The Termite Trackers and the client before works commence.

The Termite Trackers recommends that all timber damage be inspected by a licensed builder to ensure that the property is structurally sound.

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