Termite Inspections

We perform thorough visual termite inspections, using the latest Termatrac Technology, which is more accurate than thermal imaging for detection of termites!

Don't worry, we use thermal imaging as part of our inspections at no extra cost, we not only look for termites but to give us insight into other potential issues, such as moisture.

All work done in accord with AS3660.1-2000 and we are fully insured. And if we find termites, we won't use "High Pressure" sales tactics!


Pre Purchase Inspections

We perform thorough* visual timber pest inspection in accord with AS 4349.1 and we are fully insured.

We spend many hours on your pre purchase timber pest inspection


Physical termite barriers

We have personally installed termite barriers to over 1,000 homes. We are extremely familiar with building techniques and know when and how to provide treatment using physical barriers. These typically are installed during construction of a new home or when a major renovation is taking place. We're happy to consult with you prior to construction and provide you with treatment options on your next project. We particularly enjoy the challenge of providing termite treatment to complex builds!



Reticulation Systems

We have extensive experience with installing chemical reticulation systems for termite treatments. They allow for great flexibility when treating new builds and are particularly useful for renovations. We only recommend them when the building type is suited for this treatment. It's important to understand how these systems work and their limitations to ensure that an effective and seamless system is installed. In some instances, an existing dwelling can be retrofitted with a reticulation system to protect the property in the future.

Termite Eradications

We have experience in eradicating whole termite colonies in the Lake Macquarie, Central Coast and Newcastle areas.

It's important to ensure that a whole colony is eradicated rather than just the termites feeding on your home. We employ a variety of methods to ensure that the colony is killed off, be it directly or remotely.



Termite Baiting

Termite baiting is an effective way of remotely killing a whole termite colony.

We feed the termites a matrix of material that they enjoy to eat but contains a substance that will eventually kill the termite colony without alerting the members of the colony of the presence of a lethal chemical. The chemicals employed typically are Insect Growth Regulators, which have a very low toxicity to non target pests.

Having years of experience ensures that we are able to strategically locate and install these baits for maximum effectiveness.


Baiting to eradicate a colony feeding on a home

Termites found inside a home come from a much larger nest, which often cannot be found. By strategically placing a bait where they are feeding, we are able to remotely kill a nest and focus the termites feeding on the bait rather than other timbers in the structure. Following eradication 


baiting to protect a property

This is effective when the building does not allow for a chemical or physical treated zone and a termite nest cannot be located.