Looks pretty - the termites think it too!

Heavy foliage against buildings is surprisingly common.


Having plants up against your home can be a large contributing factor to attracting termites for several reasons.

  1. Plants need water, and so do termites. Having plants that need water against your home only adds to the problem of attracting termites, just having the extra foliage allows moisture to remain longer right next to your home. 
  2. Termites feed on cellulose in timber and plant material, having this material in any quantity near your home adds as a further attractant.
  3. Having a sheltered area that is concealed makes it even harder to find termites, if you have to attack your garden with a machete like you're travelling through the amazon jungle before you find part of your home, then the termites may be in the home for a while before anyone discovers it, like some lost Amazonian tribe... 

And finally, wood rot needs persistently moist conditions and rotting wood is not only an attractant, but is a problem in itself.

So try to keep your home free from those friendly climbing plants, and you'll be discouraging termites.