Treated timber. Getting eaten out!

Treated pine framing used in a subfloor being eaten by termites.

Treated pine framing used in a subfloor being eaten by termites.

Manufacturers of treated timbers my warrant it against termite attack, however, if you carefully read their terms and conditions, you'll notice that they won't warrant timber that's in ground contact.

If you look at the warranty brochure for this treated pine frame, you'll notice that things such as storing the timber on the ground, in high moisture environments or anywhere that can cause fungal decay will void the warranty. So be careful not to rely just on treated timber to prevent termite damage.

By and large, termite treated timbers do work well in resisting termites, but only if they are used in accord with good building practice and the treated timbers manufacturers recommendations.

Treated timbers - use them correctly!

A treated pine frame with termites throughout.


Treated timbers are a great way of preventing damage to timbers in service, however, not all treatments are created equal. 

Here is a picture of a piece of treated pine frame that was infested with termites in less than 18 months. The problem? It was in constant contact with moist soil, this timber was not designed to withstand this kind of environment.