Our Services

We have a variety of environmentally friendly termite inspection and treatment options.


Termite Inspections

See what sets us apart as the most thorough termite inspectors in the area. We endeavour to perform the most exhaustive termite or Pre-Purchase timber pest inspection.

We use Termatrac Technology, which is more accurate than thermal imaging for detection of termites! We also use thermal imaging as part of our inspections at no extra cost, we not only look for termites but to give us insight into other potential issues, such as moisture.

All work done in accord with AS3660.1-2000 for termite inspections and AS4349.1 for Pre-Purchase timber pest inspections and we are fully insured.

If we find termites, we won't use "High Pressure" sales tactics!


Termite Eradications

We have experience in eradicating whole termite colonies in the Lake Macquarie, Central Coast and Newcastle areas.

It's important to ensure that a whole colony is eradicated rather than just the termites feeding on your home. We employ a variety of methods to ensure that the colony is killed off, be it directly or remotely.

We use chemicals which have a very low toxicity to non target pests, thus not only protecting you but also the environment. As about our bee friendly termite treatments.

Having years of experience ensures that we are able to strategically locate and install these baits for maximum effectiveness.


Termite Treatments

We have personally treated over 1,000 new homes and countless existing ones, we are very familiar with building techniques and know when and how to provide an effective termite treatment.

We can provide consultation prior to commencing construction or are able to provide a termite treatment plan for an existing building.

If you have just completed construction and don’t have an adequate termite management system to pass local council regulations, we can install, physical barriers, chemical reticulation systems as well as baiting systems which all meet CodeMark® certification.

Certificates are provided upon completion of the treatment.